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We are fast-paced company providing services in the field of outstaffing, personnel administration and outsourcing of core and non-core business processes.

We are a company of passionate consultants and developers

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Migration consulting

We provide highly paid work in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany on the basis of a work contract from our company or partner firms in the manufacturing, construction, and HORECA sectors.

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Personnel leasing

We provide outstaffing services in such a way that the rented personnel are on the lessor’s side and do not affect the number of personnel of the client’s service company.

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We are a devoted full-cycle real estate development company with a focus on smart technologies and green initiatives. We cover project development, CM, UM and PM.

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Business International Group is a fast-paced group of companies that successfully provides personnel outsourcing services and full-cycle development development of real estate in Europe.

BIG Outsourcing

conducts HR-related activities, payroll and consulting services for manufacturing, construction, and HORECA companies all over Europe. We can take over all or part of the duties of our clients related to the execution of the core operations and even some of the functions performed by the HR, accounting and recruitment departments.

BIG Development

is a devoted real estate development company with a focus on smart technologies and green initiatives. It covers full-cycle of project development including construction management, urban planning, distribution and property management, concierge service, etc.

BIG Consulting

provides on-going consulting and problem-solving related to the movement of labor to the EU, organization of legal conditions for residence and work opportunities in European countries.


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– Our approach

We strive to build straightforward and transparent relationships with our clients in order to facilitate their core business activities and exceed their expectations.

Within our company, we encourage independent operational flows, less hierarchical and more flexible organization of departments that reinforce problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork.

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